Havoks here – Hello world!

Hello from Havoks

This is my first post on Havoks.com. I’m not sure what is supposed to go here, since I don’t know what this site is for yet. Maybe I will write stuff so I don’t get rusty at writing. On the other hand, I was never that good at writing. I buy a lot of video games that I don’t play or open. I should probably stop doing that. How does this Yoast thing work? It wants me to write more because it considers 69 words far too low. And even at 93 it still thinks it is too low.

Should I continue writing just so this thing thinks that I have written an optimized blog post? Is this why some articles in the wild are always so wordy and mention their keyword – in this case, Havoks – so often?

I see, the recommended minimum is 300 words. I wonder how they arrived at this minimum. It seems to me that some image list articles might have less than this, since they often just have a one sentence caption for each image.

I’ve rambled on a lot in order to try to meet the minimum. I’m currently at 200 words apparently, and this is much more difficult to do than I initially thought. Maybe if I actually had a topic to write about I might meet the 300 minimum more easily, but right now I seem to be writing fluff just like I used to do in my undergrad essay assignments.

Well, 43 words to go. It is also suggesting that I add images to this article, but what image could I possibly add? Maybe a picture of the WordPress logo or the Yoast logo. Ten more words to go, and then I will stop. Goodbye.

A picture to help SEO.